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Issue #088 of N Scale Railroading, Mar/Apr 2015

Build a Powered Caboose for MOW Service
By Mike Pagano
Mike uses a Kato power chassis to power a caboose that permits his Little Giant MOW crane to roam his layout without a locomotive.

Cover Story
A Visit to the Sierra Pacific & Southwest Railroad

By Glen Langstaff
Glen takes us on a tour of his room sized SP&SW influenced
by the major railroads of the Southwest.

Modeling Rock Island GP40 No. 4710
By James Wiggin
James details and paints the Rock’s unusual
Using Cell Phones, etc. to Control DCC and DC Locomotives, Part 3
By Wally Davis
Wally completes his three part series on how to use cell phones, computers, or tablets to run trains.
Modeling Express Cars from Ex-Troop Cars
By Bill Denton
Bill combines a Micro-Trains chassis with a resin shell to create 50s and 60s era express cars for mail train service.
Improving the IMEX Fuel Tank
By Kim Saign
Kim adds details and final touches to improve on the already nice IMEX Fuel Tank.


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