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Product Announcements

Press release from Athearn regarding Sound Decoders April 29, 2009

McHenry Couplers Coupler Box & Cover
50' Plug Door Box Car8/5/2019
3 Bay Outside Braced Hopper8/5/2019
EMD SD708/5/2019
40' Smooth Side Containers7/1/2019
4-8-8-4 Big Boy w/DCC & Sound Steam Locomotive 7/1/2019
48' Smooth Side Containers6/4/2019
40' Smooth Side Containers3/28/2019
20' Corrugated Containers3/28/2019
GATX Tank Train3/28/2019
F59PHI Engines3/28/2019
3 Window Caboose3/28/2019
45" Containers3/28/2019
65' 6" Mill Gondola12/03/2018
50' PS 5277 Box Car12/3/2018
Thrall Hoppers11/13/2018
PS 4427 Covered Hopper11/13/2018
57' Mechanical Reefers10/2/18
N.A.C.C. 50' Box Car9/5/18
PS-2 2600 Hopper
89’ F89F TOFC Flat with Z-Van Trailer6/1/18
3 Bay Outside Braced Hopper5/1/18
Thrall Hoppers4/6/18
40' Fruehauf Smooth-side Z-van Trailers3/1/2018
ACF 4600 3-Bay CenterFlow Hoppers3/01/2018
2-8-0 Steam Locomotive 4/5/17
ACF 4600 3-Bay CenterFlow Hoppers1/28/17



4-6-6-4 Challenger w/DCC & Sound Steam Locomotive

4-8-8-4 Big Boy w/DCC & Sound Steam Locomotive
2-6-0 Steam Locomotive
2-8-0 Steam Locomotive
FP 45
F59PHI Engines


Rolling Stock

PS 4427 Covered Hopper11/13/18
20,000 Tank Cars2/6/2018
ACF 4600 3-Bay CenterFlow Hoppers1/28/17
89’ F89F TOFC Flat with Z-Van Trailer
89’ BSC F89F TOFC Flat
F89-F Bi-Level Auto Rack
F89-F Tri-Level Auto Rack
Husky Stack Well Cars
GATX Tank Train
33,9000 LPG Flat Panel Tank Cars
33,9000 LPG Tank Cars Late
33,9000 LPG Tank Cars
40' Wood Chip Hoppers
ACF 2970 Hoppers
Bay Window Caboose
53' Flatcars w/40' Trailer
Husky Stack Well Cars
GATC 2600 Airslide Hoppers
PS-2 2893 Hopper
PS-2 2600 Hopper
Thrall Hoppers
30,000 Gallon Ethanol Tank cars
40' Pfaudler Milk Car
3 Widow Caboose
Weathered 50 Ice reefer
50 Ice reefer
50 Express Reefer
52' Gondola w/Load
50' FMC Plug Door Box Car
50' PS 5277 Box Car
50' PS-1 Plug Door Dox Car
PS1 Single Door Dox Car
PS1 Double Door Dox Car
50' Sieco Box Car
50' Modern Tank Car
50' FMC Offset Double Door Box
50' Plug Door Box Car
65' 6" Mill Gondola
PS-2 2893 Hopper
3-Bay Offset Hoppers
50' FMC Box
50' Combo Door Box
57' Mechanical Reefers
36' Old Time Box
36' Old Time Reefer
50' Berwick Box
36' Old Time Stock Car
3 Bay Outside Braced Hopper
53' Bulkhead Flatcars
N.A.C.C. 50' Box Car
BethGon Coalporter
Auto-Max Articulated Autoracks
53' GSC Flatcars
Bombardier Bi-Level Commuter Cars
Overton Passenger Cars
Overland Passenger Cars
Flxible Bus
28' Wedge Trailer and Ford C Tractor
40' Fruehauf Smooth-side Z-van Trailers
40' Ex-Post Trailer
40' UPS Drop Sill Trailer
Ford C Trucks
Mack Trucks
Coke Billboards
20' Corrugated Containers
40' Smooth Side Containers
45" Containers3/28/2019
Wheels Sets