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DT500, DT500R& DT500DCE Series Throttles

Corded with Infrared Wireless
Duplex Radio for USA
Duplex Radio for Europe
Coiled Cord X
Small 12" Cord   X X
Infra-ready out of the box ( with UR90 or UR92 sold separately ) X X X
Full Duplex Wireless when paired with a UR92 Duplex Transceiver
(UR92 Transceiver sold separately)
No need to Plugin to select or dispatch locomotives, complete wireless operation. X X
Use with DCE System for Europe X
Works with ANY LocoNet compatible system X X X
Full numeric keypad makes loco selection simple X X X
Soft On/Off power switch X X X
Single key access to most common throttle tasks X X X
Dual throttle controls let you control two locos simultaneously X X X
Run locomotives with “encoder click” knobs for speed and direction control X X X
Control light and sound effects functions with the press of a button X X X
Large Multi-Line LCD display shows locomotive status at a glance X X X
Built in flashlight for convenience X X X
Traditional walk around operation X X X
Control 30 functions (F0Fwd, F0Rev, and F1-F28). X X X
Function active/inactive indicators X X X
Convenient step-by-step throttle option set up X X X
Playable whistle feature on F2 X X X
Supports decoder programming X X X
Simplified 4 or 2 digit addressing X X X
Over 9,000 locomotive decoder addresses X X X
Supports turnout and stationary decoder control X X X
Over 2000 turnout decoder addresses X X X
Supports cab signaling X X X
Transponding “Find” feature X X X
Device Query Mode X X X
Input Mode X X X
Fast clock display X X X
Recall feature X X X
MSRP $189.00 $254.00 $254.00
N Scale Supply Price: $151.20 $203.20 $203.20
Part Number DIG-DT500 DIG-DT500D DIG-DT500DCE

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