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Walthers Cornerstone Series® Buildings

New Trackside Structures set

New Track Bumpers

DescriptionPictureMSRPPricePart #
Motorizing Kit
Trackside StructuresCream & Green34.98WAL-933-2603
Lt. Gray & Dr. GrayWAL-933-2604
Track BumpersYellow17.98$14.38WAL-933-2602
Dark Gray17.98$14.38WAL-933-2605
Golden Valley Depot - Cream & Railroad Green Cornerstone Series(R) Built-Ups
Sunrise Feed Mill
Announced: May 2006
Motorized 130' Turntable w/DCC$349.98WAL-933-2618
Interstate Fuel & Oil$31.98$25.59WAL-933-3200
Cornerstone Series(R) Water Street Freight Terminal -- 11 x 3-1/2" 27.5 x 8.7cm $34.98$27.98WAL-933-3201
Union City Roundhouse$49.98
120' Manual Turntable $39.98
Service Track Structures $24.98
Allied Rail Rebuilders $34.98
Red Wing Milling$41.98
Central Gas & Supply $31.98
Northern Light & Power Powerhouse$39.98
Brach's Candy Factory $25.98
Timber Trestle $32.98
Medusa Cement Company $31.98
North Island Refinery $37.98
RJ Frost Cold Storage $39.98
New River Mining Company$49.98$39.98WAL-933-3221
Mi-Jack Translift Intermodal Crane
Merchant's Row II
Available again: Oct 2005
ADM(R) Grain Elevator
Available again: Nov. 2005



Car Shop

Jim's Repair Shop
New: March 2004
Co-Op Storage Shed
New: December 2003
George Roberts Printing Co. $39.98 $31.98WAL-933-3231
Hardwood Furniture Co.$39.98 $31.98WAL-933-3232
Vulcan Manufacturing Company$29.98$23.99WAL-933-3233
Walton & Sons Lumber Company$31.98 $25.58WAL-933-3235
Mountain Lumber Co. Sawmill $64.98 $51.98WAL-933-3236
Superior Paper Co. Paper Mill$99.98


Farmers Co-op Rural Grain Elevator $37.98$30.38WAL-933-3238

Sunrise Feed Mill
Clarkesville Depot$34.98$27.98WAL-933-3240
Glacier Gravel Co.$49.98 $39.98WAL-933-3241
Double Track Truss Bridge$31.98$25.58WAL-933-3242
Al's Victory Station$31.98$25.59WAL-933-3243
Ice House & Platform Kit$37.98$30.39WAL-933-3245
Goldenflame Fuel Co.$49.98$39.98WAL-933-3246
Western Coal Flood Loader$44.98 $35.98WAL-933-3247
Oil Pump - Walking Beam/"Horse Head"
$29.98 $23.98WAL-933-3248
Valley Growers Association
New: February 2003
Variety Printing Background Building$29.98WAL-933-3252
American Hardware Supply
New:Oct 2003
Union Station
New: December 2004
Butterfly-Style Station Platform Shelters
New: December 2004
Parkview Terrace Tenement
Brown & Light Grey

Modern Roundhouse - 3 Stal
Modern Roundhouse-Add On Stalls
Cornerstone Series(R) Modern Coaling Tower
Parkview Terrace Tenement
Tuscan & Dark Green
Cornerstone Series(R) Machine Shop
New: May 2006
Storage Tanks
Two-Stall 130' Brick Diesel House$59.98$47.98 WAL-933-3266
Cornerstone Modulars(TM) -- Flat & Peaked Roofs w/Base
New: Jan 2006
Cornerstone Modulars(TM) -- Small Walls, Windows & Doors
New: Jan 2006
Cornerstone Modulars(TM) -- Large Walls & Windows
New: Jan 2006
Cornerstone Modulars(TM) -- Foundation & Loading Docks
New: Jan 2006

Cornerstone Modulars(TM) -- Wall Columns &Caps
New: Jan 2006

Cornerstone Modulars(TM) -- Walls w/Vehicle Doors
New: Feb 2006
Roof Details
Cornerstone Modulars(TM) -- Large Door Wall Section
New: Feb 2006

Cornerstone Modulars(TM) -- One Piece Smoke Stack 2 Pack
New: March 2006

Cornerstone Modulars(TM) -- Modernized Building Front
3-in-1 Building Set$41.98CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLEWAL-933-3297
Art Deco Highway Underpass
Van Dyke Farm Windmill
Santa Fe Depot
Santa Fe Freight House$37.98WAL-933-3804
Santa Fe Depot & Freight House Combo Kit$64.98WAL-933-3805
Electric Furnace
State Line Farm Supply
Heavy-Duty Overhead Crane
Gateman's Tower $39.98$31.98WAL-933-3811
Sanding Tower $35.98$28.78WAL-933-3813
Modern Water Tower Kit $24.98$19.98WAL-933-3814
City Water Tower Kit $34.98$27.98WAL-933-3815
Cinder Conveyor & Ash Pit$27.98$22.38WAL-933-3816
Pella Depot$49.98CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLEWAL-933-3818
Gas Storage Tank $59.98WAL-933-3819
Through Plate-Girder Bridge$27.98$22.38WAL-933-3820
Yard Office & Shed $57.98CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLEWAL-933-3822
Wood Coaling Tower$49.98$39.98WAL-933-3823
Classic Car Restoration$34.98WAL-933-3824
Railcar Restoration & Charter$44.98$35.98WAL-933-3825
Union Crane and Shovel$29.98WAL-933-3826
Grand Junction Depot $29.98WAL-933-3827
Interlocking Tower C-5$19.98WAL-933-3828
Rob's Roadhouse $24.98WAL-933-3829
Wooden Water Tank $19.98WAL-933-3830
Modern Water Tower Assembled$39.98$31.98WAL-933-3831
City Water Tower -- Assembled - Black$39.98$31.98WAL-933-3832
Vintage Water Tower$39.98$31.98WAL-933-3833
Industrial Offce$19.98$15.98WAL-933-3834
Hole-In-One Donut Shop$24.98$19.99WAL-933-3835
Diamond Coal Corporation$49.98$39.99WAL-933-3836
Metro Power & Light$59.98$47.99WAL-933-3837
Brick Ranch House$24.98$19.98WAL-933-3838
Cape Code House$24.98$19.99WAL-933-3839
Vintage Dairy Queen$29.99$23.99WAL-933-3845
Dairy Queen Grill & Chill $34.99$27.99WAL-933-3846
Merchant's Row I$39.99$31.99WAL-933-3850
Prairie Co-Op Elevator$39.99$31.99WAL-933-3860
Central Beverage Distributors w/Office Annex -- Kit$44.98$35.98WAL-933-3861
Single-Track Arched Pratt Truss Bridge-- Kit$44.98$35.98WAL-933-3870
Bridge Pier 2-Pack-- Kit$19.98$15.98WAL-933-3880
Bridge Abutment 2-Pack-- Kit$19.98$15.98WAL-933-3881