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Fire Trucks

Compartments for stowing gear

Pump Control Module

Tinted Light Bar

Water Monitor

Full Length extention ladder

Metal side mirrors for durability

Packaged in a durable cardboard blister pack

Road Name Image MSRP Our $ Part #
County Fire #6 $28.98 $23.18 ATH-10285
Rescue Company #32 $28.98 $23.18 ATH-10286
Fire Protection District #213 $28.98 $23.18 ATH-10287
County Fire #2 $28.98 $23.18 ATH-10288
Volunteer Fire #2 $28.98 $23.18 ATH-10289
Fire Rescue #3 $28.98 $23.18 ATH-10290
Ford C Fire Truck, White $27.98 ATH-10274
Ford C Fire Truck, Red w/White Cab $27.98 ATH-10276
Ford C Fire Truck, Red/White $27.98 ATH-10277


NOTE: The below items are sold out and no longer available. This information is being provided for historical reference.
Road Name Image MSRP Our $ Part #
Ford C Fire Truck, Red $27.98 ATH-10273
Ford C Fire Truck, Red w/White Roof $27.98 ATH-10275
Ford C Fire Truck, Safety Green $27.98 ATH-10278
John Deere Ford C-Pumper $18.98 ATH-10410
Fire Protection District $19.98 ATH-10751
Chicago $19.98 ATH-10292
Washington, DC $19.98 ATH-10293
Boston $19.98 ATH-10294
Detroit $19.98 ATH-10295
San Francisco $19.98 ATH-10296


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