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8 Panel 2-Bay Hoppers

Bluford Shops is proud to announce an all new body style for your N scale freight car fleet. These 8-Panel 2-Bay Hoppers have never been available before in N. These ready-to-run cars feature: die cast slope sheet-hopper bay-center sill assembly; injection molded plastic sides, ends, and hopper doors; fully molded brake tank, valve and air lines; body mounted brake hose detail; load; body mounted magnetically operating knuckle couplers; close coupling; and Fox Valley Models metal wheels.

Road NameRoad #ImageMSRPOur $Part #
Chesapeake & OhioSingle Car$24.95BLU-65011
2 Pack$49.90BLU-65012
3 Pack$74.85BLU-65013
Baltimore & OhioSingle Car$24.95 BLU-65021
2 Pack$49.90BLU-65022
3 Pack$74.85BLU-65023
SouthernSingle Car$24.95BLU-65031
2 Pack$49.90BLU-65032
3 Pack$74.85BLU-65033
New HavenSingle Car$24.95BLU-65041
2 Pack$49.90BLU-65042
3 Pack$74.85BLU-65043
Penn-Dixie Cement PDSXSingle Car$24.95BLU-65051
2 Pack$49.90BLU-65052
Pittsburg & ShawmutSingle Car$24.95BLU-65061
2 Pack$49.90BLU-65062
ClinchfieldSingle Car$24.95BLU-65071
2 Pack$49.90BLU-65072
3 Pack$74.85BLU-65073
Data OnlySingle Car$24.95BLU-65081
Birmingham SouthernSingle Car$24.95$19.96BLU-65091
2 Pack$49.90$39.92BLU-65092
Chicago & Eastern IllinoisSingle Car$24.95$19.96BLU-65101
2 Pack$49.90$39.92BLU-65102
3 Pack$74.85$59.88BLU-65103
Chesssie-C&OSingle Car$24.95$19.96BLU-65111
2 Pack$49.90$39.92BLU-65112
3 Pack$74.85$59.88BLU-65113
Delaware Lackawanna & WesternSingle Car$24.95$19.96BLU-65121
2 Pack$49.90$39.92BLU-65122
3 Pack$74.85$59.88BLU-65123
Erie LackawannaSingle Car$24.95$19.96BLU-65131
2 Pack$49.90$39.92BLU-65132
3 Pack$74.85$59.88BLU-65133
Nashville Chattanooga & St. LouisSingle Car$24.95$19.96BLU-65141
2 Pack$49.90$39.92BLU-65142
New York CentralSingle Car$24.95$19.96BLU-65151
2 Pack$49.90$39.92BLU-65152
3 Pack$74.85$59.88BLU-65153
Philadelphia & ReadingSingle Car$24.95$19.96BLU-65161
2 Pack$49.90$39.92BLU-65162
ReadingSingle Car$24.95$19.96BLU-65171
2 Pack$49.90$39.92BLU-65172
3 Pack$74.85$59.88BLU-65173
Southern Pacific Single Car$24.95$19.96BLU-65181
2 Pack$49.90$39.92BLU-65182
3 Pack$74.85$59.88BLU-65183
Tennessee Alabama & GeorgiaSingle Car$24.95$19.96BLU-65191
2 Pack$49.90$39.92BLU-65192