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DescriptionPart #Our Price
Replacement Aplicator pipette "Touch-n-flow"CRU-711


Cyanoacrylate (CA) Adhesive Applicator Tool CRU-8057.19
Replacement Filler bottleCRU-7156.29
Ultra-Fine Finishing/Polishing-Includes 2 Each #1000, 1500, 6000, 10,000 GriCRU-8025.39
Stainless Steel Tweezer Set
2 straight, 1 curved
Gentle Touch Plastic HemostatCRU-50017.19
Gentle Touch Plastic Hemostat 3 packCRU-500214.39
Touch-N-Flow SystemCRU-7000$17.99
Plastic Sanding Needles -- Coarse 150 Grit pkg(8) CRU-APA4016.29
Plastic Sanding Needles -- Medium 240 Grit pkg(8) CRU-APA4026.29
Plastic Sanding Needles -- Fine 320 Grit pkg(8) CRU-APA4036.29


To assemble your model you must remember you will be welding, not gluing. This means that in order for your TENAX-7R to work the parts must be in place and touching. Then you simply touch the seam with your TOUCH-N-FLOW applicator. The TENAX-7R will fuse the seam by capillary action. This will actually weld the parts. Now hold the parts for approximately 10 seconds or until you have a firm bond. The complete weld will take about five minutes to cure but you are able to continue before a full cure is complete.

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