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noneUnder Table Switch Machine $4.00QADD0019Mar 13, 19Accessories
New HavenTrain Master $65.00QADG0054Jan 18, 19Engines
DuPont4-Bay ACF Centerflow Hopper Car $10.00QADG0084Jan 21, 19Rolling Stock
Baltimore & OhioEMD GP-9 w/ Torpedo Tubes $40.00QADN0010Mar 13, 19Engines
Chesapeake & OhioGATX Airslide Covered Hopper $8.00QADN0002Feb 23, 19Rolling Stock
Nickel Plate RoadEMD SD-9 $25.00QADN0022Mar 15, 19Engines
Baltimore & Ohio40' Box Car, Plug Door $6.00QADN0029Mar 15, 19Rolling Stock
Central Railway of New Jersey40' Box Car, Single Door $6.00QADN0032Mar 16, 19Rolling Stock
Providence & Worcester89' 4" Flat Car, TOFC w/ Mid & End Hiotches $20.00QMS6314Jan 21, 19Rolling Stock
TTX89' 4" Flat Car, TOFC w/ Triple Hiotches $22.00QMS6323Jan 21, 19Rolling Stock
SusquehannaNE-6 Caboose $15.00QMS6562Feb 9, 19Rolling Stock
MonongahelaNE-6 Caboose $16.00QMS6563Feb 9, 19Rolling Stock
Penn Central50' FGE Box Car, Plug Door $10.00QMS6726Feb 12, 19Rolling Stock
BNSFPS-2 Covered Hopper $14.00QMS6732Feb 13, 19Rolling Stock
BNSFPS-2 Covered Hopper $14.00QMS6733Feb 17, 19Rolling Stock
Undecorated50' Box Car, Single Door $10.00QMS6739Feb 7, 19Rolling Stock
AMG ResourcesThrall 2743 Gondola $14.00QMS6742Feb 16, 19Rolling Stock
St. Mary's50' 6" ACF Box Car,Single Door $8.00QMS6743Mar 4, 19Rolling Stock
Dow ChemicalACF 5701 Plastics Covered Hopper $18.00QMS6744Feb 18, 19Rolling Stock
SeaboardPS 2960 Triple Hopper $16.00QMS6745Mar 10, 19Rolling Stock
PennsylvaniaTrain Master w/ DCC $95.00QMS6757Feb 25, 19Engines
NoneTrack, Code 55 17½" Radius Full Curve (3 pieces) $0.25QWY0225Jan 18, 19Accessories
NoneController $0.25QWY0250Feb 13, 19Accessories
Atchison, Topeka & Santa FeF3-B Phase I, Cuztom Weathered & Detailed $110.00QYK0017Nov 13, 18Engines
NACS53' Intermodal Containers, Weathered (2 pack) $14.00QNY0549Feb 2, 19Accessories
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